VCDS Diagnostic Service

VCDS (previously known as VAG-COM) is a tool that emulates expensive dealer-level diagnostic equipment. Using VCDS, diagnostic scans and tweaks can be performed on VAG Group vehicles (VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda) in order to troubleshoot faults, as well as coding engine components, and enabling certain vehicle features.

A few examples of features that can enabled are as follows:-

  • Cornering fog lights
  • Emergency braking hazard flashing
  • Large Speedo on MFD
  • Airbag light reset
  • ABS light reset
  • Service indicator reset
  • Auto door locking at 10mph
  • Hill hold control
  • Needle-sweep / Dial Staging
  • Hidden dashboard menus (Stopwatch etc)
  • Activation of retro-fitted systems (Cruise Control, Tyre Pressure Monitoring etc)

It can also be used for key coding, injector coding, and live engine output tests (RPM, Temperature, Misfiring, Ignition Timing etc).

I offer a VCDS Diagnostic Service in the West of Scotland, covering Ayrshire & Renfrewshire (see map below). I can support any VAG group vehicle with an OBDII diagnostic port, produced from 1994 until present. I can also support some earlier vehicles with the old style OBD connector.

A standard scan and output, covering all available control modules within the vehicle, is available for £20.  This will list any faults and error codes that have been identified. A copy of the output report will then be e-mailed to you. A sample report is available here.

Enabling and disabling of features, as well as key coding, injector coding etc (as per the list above) is available at an additional cost. Contact me for prices and availability. Note that not all features can be programmed to all vehicles.

If you would like additional information or wish to arrange for a visit, please contact me. I respond to all queries within 12 hours.